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Reviews are in!!

"Rosario shines like a star up on stage, showing herself as a true triple threat."

"Arianna Rosario has a sumptuous texture to her voice that’s very much like Gloria’s. She captures Gloria Estefan’s energy and truly shines during the ballads, such as “Here We Are.” As the show goes on, Rosario becomes stronger; and by the end of the performance, she’s truly morphed into Estefan herself: more confident, and determined to come back from whatever trials and tribulations are tossed her way."

"The star of the night, however, is Gloria Estefan understudy Arianna Rosario. She grows with the role, her voice relaxing and providing the rich timbre that Estefan’s voice embodies. She can reach the high soaring notes and can color the low notes, all while dancing to a Latin beat all over the stage. Rosario owns the role and transforms herself on opening night into Gloria Estefan, the star whom she portrays. Bravo!"

"Speaking of Gloria Estefan, it is hard to imagine a more perfect portrayal of her than the one given by understudy Arianna Rosario at Tuesday’s opening night performance. Likeable, spunky, and similar in appearance to the musical superstar, Rosario nails the role and shares stellar chemistry with Martinez, who gives a hilarious, endearing portrayal of Emilio."

"It should be noted that on opening night the role of Gloria was played by understudy Arianna Rosario as the lead was out due to sickness. Rosario did a wonderful job stepping into the role! Her vocals were especially strong in the beautiful ballads featured in the show."

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