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"Ms. Rosario is a tiny woman with a big voice, a combination adored by musical cultists, as Eva she sings up a storm."

“Arianna Rosario is simply memorizing on stage.” 

"Rosario is a talented triple-threat whose scene work is superb."

"Rosario shines like a star up on stage, showing herself as a true triple threat."

"Arianna Rosario has star quality."

"Arianna Rosario is very magnetic, immeasurably charming, spunky,  and passionate with an articulate vocal quality."

Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Rosario gives us the sly, sexy quality of a star cabaret performer and just enough honest sentiment in softer scenes. Women in the audience saw her, oddly, as a figure of empowerment: When she told the duke, “Nobody owns me,” cheering erupted. - The Charlotte Ledger

9. Stephen Lee Anderson and Arianna Rosario in Goodspeed's Summer Stock. Photo by Diane So

Summer Stock! World Premiere - Goodspeed Opera House

“Gloria Falbury is played by Arianna Rosario, who embodies the sharp, confident younger sister with poise and precision. Rosario is a talented triple-threat whose scene work opposite Wade and Anderson is superb. Gloria is a character who knows what she wants and how to get it, and she isn’t afraid to take the next big step to get there – Rosario fills those shoes with ease and delivers an outstanding performance. -White Birch Blog “Arianna Rosario gets to play an interesting arc at Gloria. At first, Gloria seems to be a blithe, self-centered actress, but she later shows that she is quite the problem-solving producer. Rosario makes the transformation believable, as if Gloria is finally letting her real self come through.” -The Day “Arianna Rosario, as the sugary sweet sister, is absolutely delightful” - Ariana Straznicky-Packer, Broadway World “Arianna Rosario (Gloria Falbury) and Danielle Wade (Jane Falbury) are ideally cast as the two loving, yet rival, sisters.  They have a wonderful chemistry, which is essential for the plot of the show to work. “ -CT Critics Circle “Other standouts include Arianna Rosario as Gloria Falbury, whose duet “Me and My Shadow” with Danielle Wade brings beauty and heart to the show.” - Matt Austin “Arianna Rosario is simply memorizing on stage.” -The Howard

Rent - Signature Theatre

“Arianna Rosario manages to navigate between Mimi’s sexually explicit “currency” to get a fix to then reveal the soft vulnerability of this tragic creature.” - DC Theatre Arts “As Mimi, the club dancer who meets Roger, Arianna Rosario plays up the character's determination as well as her pathos.” -Susan Berlin “The romantic couples of Larson’s twist on Puccini’s “La Bohème” — led by the electrifying pairing of Vincent Kempski’s Roger and Arianna Rosario’s Mimi — ensure that the composer-lyricist’s emotion-laden story is fully activated.” -The Washington Post “The "Without You" duet with the very talented Arianna Rosario as Mimi will rip your heart out.” - Broadway World


On Your Feet! - MUNY

“Arianna's vocals are the perfectly suited to the material. Her dynamic performance makes you nearly forget you are not watching the real Gloria Estefan perform.” - Broadway World “Arianna Rosario has star quality as Gloria.”- HEC “Arianna Rosario is captivating as the legendary pop diva. Effortlessly reaching the high notes, she’s also impressive with the quick lyrical runs and precise footwork. The transition from “Anything for You,” a sweet duet with Cristina Sastre, as sister Rebecca, to the full band, high energy hit “1-2-3” is the first taste of the musical interplay that guides and enhances the production.” - KDHX

Evita - Bay Street Theatre

"Arianna Rosario is an impressive Eva, sensuous in her dancing, evocative with her vocals, and captivating as an actress."-Cindi Sansone-Braff "Rosario’s portrayal of Eva Perón was brilliant in its complexity. She strutted around the stage like a Latina Madonna, exuding strength while wearing a new dress in every scene, each more fabulous than the last. She expertly portrays a woman with great ambition who demands love and respect, but still goes out of her way to genuinely care for the poor. Rosario’s powerful soprano did a great service to the classic “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” as well as “Rainbow High,” “Eva’s Final Broadcast” and other numbers." -David Taylor "Exquisitely portraying Eva is Arianna Rosario. I really could go on about her stunning voice and performances, imperiously relaying Eva's gripping speeches to her public, the emotional journey, and commanding stage presence, but I'm just sum it up saying that you will remember Ms. Rosario's Eva for quite some time."- Melissa Giordano "In the titular role, famously portrayed on stage by Patti LuPone and on screen by Madonna, Arianna Rosario stands on her own. With a robust voice that is also smooth and silky, Rosario makes for a sympathetic, albeit fallible Evita." -ISA GOLDBERG "Arianna Rosario as Evita herself projects star power the minute she makes her entrance in a cloth coat and brunette wig (the real character’s natural color), and when she opens her vocal chords to belt out one of her several arias in this modern opera, she leaves no question she is a force that attention will be paid to. While the role has sometimes been performed portraying Evita as merely a conniver with ice in her veins, Ms. Rosario colors her character’s canniness with warmth and humanity, and thus we can be sad when cancer kills her at 36, and honestly, that may have been the difference that failed to light our fire when we saw it in 1981. The lyrics at times call Evita a bitch and a slut who only slept her way to the top without heart, but really is that what you want your heroine to be? Give us someone to at least empathize with no matter what. Ms. Rosario responds in kind with her multi-layered performance. Comparing the story of the real Evita—a sinner and saint in real life and on stage with somewhat different undertones—knowing more of her true story made me appreciate even more the humane, sassy but tender portrayal of Ms. Rosario as Evita". -Lorraine Dusky "Arianna Rosario's (who played Eva) stature as a major talent seemed to grow throughout the show as the part demanded, and she was able to rise up and take the show to its highest energy points. Her singing is superb."-T.J. Clemente

On Your Feet! - Tour

"Rosario shines like a star up on stage, showing herself as a true triple threat.” - Broadway World "Arianna Rosario has a sumptuous texture to her voice that’s very much like Gloria’s. She captures Gloria Estefan’s energy and truly shines during the ballads, such as “Here We Are.” As the show goes on, Rosario becomes stronger; and by the end of the performance, she’s truly morphed into Estefan herself: more confident, and determined to come back from whatever trials and tribulations are tossed her way.” "The star of the night, however, is Arianna Rosario. She grows with the role, her voice relaxing and providing the rich timbre that Estefan’s voice embodies. She can reach the high soaring notes and can color the low notes, all while dancing to a Latin beat all over the stage. Rosario owns the role and transforms herself on opening night into Gloria Estefan, the star whom she portrays. Bravo!” - Triangle Arts and Entertainment "Speaking of Gloria Estefan, it is hard to imagine a more perfect portrayal of her than the one given by understudy Arianna Rosario at Tuesday’s opening night performance. Likeable, spunky, and similar in appearance to the musical superstar, Rosario nails the role and shares stellar chemistry with Martinez, who gives a hilarious, endearing portrayal of Emilio.”- Triangle Arts and Entertainment "It should be noted that on opening night the role of Gloria was played by Arianna Rosario as the lead was out due to sickness. Rosario did a wonderful job stepping into the role! Her vocals were especially strong in the beautiful ballads featured in the show.” - WRAL

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